SH-36S-RM, SignalHawk Rack Mount, Spectrum Analyzer
SH-36S-RM, SignalHawk Rack Mount, Spectrum Analyzer
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SH-36S-RM, 100 kHz - 3.6 GHz SignalHawk™ Rack-Mount
Over an Ethernet network, you can remotely analyze the performance of your system and diagnose problems from any computer on your network, whether in the same room or half way across the state.

High Performance in a Rack-Mount Spectrum Analyzer:

  • Fast, Accurate, and Sensitive: 66 dB Dynamic Range and -135 dBm Noise Floor.
  • Minimal Rack Space Required: Only 2 RU.
  • Eliminates trips to difficult remote locations.
  • Same “Spectrum Analyzer” functionality as our hand held unit all from your office PC.
  • Multiple sites can be monitored from one centralized location.
  • Along with our BPME you can view your RF Spectrum and be alerted of any RF Power alarm - A TOTAL 1-STOP PACKAGE.
  • Built in FCC Compliance Masks.
  • Waterfall display.


Standard Accessories: Operators Manual, Start-Up Instructions, AC Power Cord, 7 ft.- Ethernet Cable, 10 ft.- USB Cable - USB A (M) to USB B (M), SignalHawk Software CD

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product specifications:

Item NoSH-36S-RM
Item Name100 kHz - 3.6 GHz, SignalHawk - Rack-Mount Spectrum Analyzer
Frequency Range100 kHz - 3.6 GHz
Frequency Resolution1 Hz
Frequency Uncertainty± 1 ppm
Reference Aging± 1 ppm / year
Temperature Drift± 1 ppm / °C
Data Points705 displayed (settable)
Spectral Purity-85 dBc @ 30 kHz
Sweep Time2 s, full span; 1 ms, zero span
Resolution Bandwidth100 Hz - 1 MHz RBW
Video Bandwidth10 Hz - 300 kHz VBW
Amplitude Accuracy± 1.0 dB typ, ± 1.5 dB max
Dynamic Range66 dB, intermod-free
Noise Floor-135 dBm DANL
Attenuator0, 10, 20, or 30 dB; internal
Pre Amplifier+24 dB gain, internal
Single Button MeasurementOcc BW, Channel Power, ACPR, Field Strength, AM/FM Demod, C/I
Standards ComplianceCE Compliant
RF Input+20 dBm (100 mW) max
USB ConnectivityEthernet and USB 1.1
Operating Temperature0° to 50°C
Storage Temperature-20° to +80°C
Altitude4600 m
Dimensions19" x 10" x 3.5" (L x D x H)
Weight10 lbs.
EmissionsEmissions Mask - IBOC, Analog FM, DTV and many others
Internal Storage140 Gb

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7/16 DIN Adapter, N (F) to 7/16 DIN (F)
7/16 DIN Adapter, N (F) to 7/16 DIN (M)
7/16 DIN Adapter, N (M) to 7/16 DIN (F)
7/16 DIN Adapter, N (M) to 7/16 DIN (M)
Adapter, N (F) to N (F)
Adapter, N (M) to N (M)
Adapter, N (M) to SMA (F)
Precision Connector Adapter Kit, 7/16 DIN
USB A (M) to USB B (M) USB Cable, 10ft.
CAT5e Crossover Patch Cable, 7 ft.
Power Cord, 6ft.
SignalHawk, PC Tool Software (for models SH-36S-PC/SH-36S-RM)