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Military and Government

Bird Technologies has become known as the world's most reliable RF for all markets and segments — all because of devotion to reliability. We've been supporting the military for 70 years and have become the standard for RF communications reliability within our industry and for the military RF engineers. In fact, we're often told about how original Bird products from the 1940s and 1950s are still working like they just came out of the box. For RF engineers and military personnel, "Bird" has become synonymous with the category to the extent that our name gets used as its generic and stands for the category's products, whether we make them or not!

Bird designs and builds products for superior RF reliability whether for harsh conditions or the most challenging situations. — We live for it because lives depend on it.

Military and Government Solutions

The Military and Government Industries have used RF for a large variety of applications over the years. Bird Technologies has a long history of providing products to military and government RF engineers not only as Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products but also as uniquely designed solutions.

The product history goes back the TS70, a terminating wattmeter developed for the United States Army Signal Corps in the early 1940s. In recent years, Bird has supported the United States Military RF engineers and its allies with products such as the Site Analyzer, SignalHawk VNA & Spectrum Analyzer, Calibration, Precision Power Sensors, and a variety of Radio Test Sets.

The X-COM Systems family of products consists of RF data recorders, signal generation and software analysis for software defined radios, complex waveform generation, radar, and electronic warfare applications.

Military and Government Applications

  • Ground Support
  • Air Communications
  • Sea Communications
  • Command & Control
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