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  • NFPA Signal Booster

    Can Public Safety and Cellular DAS Coexist?

    Posted 23 September 2014 by Tom Kuklo

    Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) have been defined as any system that receives an RF signal either over the air or from a Base Station, redistributes or amplifies that RF signal into a defined area through a network of antennas and receives a signal from a network of antennas and amplifies that RF signal back to the Base Station.

    DAS networks have been deployed for both public safety as well as cellular communications. The mission for DAS networks may have started out as coverage enhancement for both types of wireless communication, cellular and public safety. However, the DAS mission for cellular networks, due to the increased demand for data coverage, has evolved to one that increases capacity within the cellular infrastructure. In a nutshell a public safety DAS network is deployed to protect lives and property while a cellular DAS network is designed for the user’s convenience and to generate revenue for providers.

  • SiteHawk Site Analyzer

    Bird Technologies Introduces New SiteHawk SK-4000-TC Cable and Antenna Analyzer

    Posted 9 September 2014 by Tom Kuklo

    Bird Technologies, a leading provider of RF components, subsystems, test equipment, and services, today introduced the compact SiteHawk SK-4000-TC Antenna and Cable Analyzer. The instrument makes troubleshooting the transmission path of commercial and military communications systems operating between 85 MHz to 4 GHz easier, faster, and more precise than ever.

  • Voltage Waveforms

    How to Measure VSWR with an Inline Power Meter

    Posted 28 August 2014 by Tom Kuklo

    The measurement of Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) is considered to be the most universal indicator of the health of transmission systems. Continuous monitoring of the transmission system VSWR from the output of the transmitter to the input of the antenna is an important part of system maintenance.

  • RF Noice in UHF Receiver Bands

    Multiband Distributed Antenna System Design Considerations

    Posted 15 July 2014 by Tom Kuklo

    The increasing demand for in-building communication systems combined with the high cost of installing a distributed antenna system (DAS) has resulted in installations designed to carry multiple bands. Much of this is driven by local ordinances and the need to accommodate various wireless provider services and local agencies on different frequency bands.

  • Passive Intermodulation Prevention

    What is Passive Intermodulation?

    Posted 28 May 2014 by Mark

    Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is an unwanted distortion in radio frequency waves generated by the non-linear mixing of two or more frequencies inpassive devices such as antennas, connectors, coaxial cables or in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS). This mixing produces additional unwanted signals that can create interference and degradation in the quality of a wireless communication system.

  • Public Safety In-Building Communication Systems

    Mission Critical - Public Safety In-Building Communication Systems

    Posted 11 April 2014 by Tom Kuklo

    When we talk about public safety, we often use the term “Mission Critical.” An application or system is defined as mission critical if operation cannot continue without it. In the commercial world, when operations stop, business is lost. However, in public safety, if operations stop, it means someone could get injured, or worse.