Bird Technologies - University at Buffalo Corporate Partner of the Year

Bird Technologies Awarded Corporate Partner of the Year by the University at Buffalo

Solon, Ohio - October 2016

Corporate Partner of the Year Bird Technologies
Awarded to a corporation that has invested significant time and resources

Bird Technologies, a recognized leader in radio frequency measurement, Infrastructure and analysis products, has maintained a strong bond with UB Engineering and Applied Sciences for over three decades since the founding of TxRx Systems, a member of the Bird family, in 1995. Student support in the form of scholarships, internships, and research fellowships along with philanthropic of Davis Hall have all resulted in the advancement of student education, preparedness, and educational infrastructure. To date, the company has donated over $600,000 to the school through gifts and its employee matching program.

Their fellowship program, incepted in 2008, has enabled students to solve real technical challenges in a business environment. This not only advances their R&D skills, but provides actual experience relating technical solutions to business opportunities. The summer internship program places students in a team setting collaborating with engineers, managers, and other departments to develop valuable communication and collaboration skills required in highly technical environments.

Bird also has and does employ many UB alumni, some of whom have taught at UB and/or actively participate on the Electrical Engineering Department’s Advisory Board.


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