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PC Applications

Discontinued Software and Firmware

5000, Digital Power Meter
5000-EX, Digital Power Meter
5012, Wideband Power Sensor (Not compatible with 5012A)
BPM Series, Broadcast Power Monitor (Not compatible with BPME)
SA-1700 | SA-1700P | SA-2500A | SA-4000 Site Analyzers (Not compatibale with SA-EX Series)
SA-1700EX | SA-1700EXP | SA-2500EX | SA-6000EX Site Analyzers
(Not compatibale with SA-XT Series)
SA-3600XT | SA-6000XT Site Analyzers
SH-36S Series, Hand-Held Spectrum Analyzers
SH-36S-PC | SH-36S-RM Spectrum Analyzers
SK-4000-TC, SiteHawk Cable and Antenna Analyzer
VPM, Virtual Power Measurement App (American/European Only)