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614 Series
614 Series, UHF Digital Signal Booster
614 Series

UHF Digital RF Signal Boosters

The 614 Series Digital Signal Booster provides Public Safety grade signal reliability and coverage in disadvantaged RF locations minimizing noise and interference. This model operates in the UHF frequency band with 14-28 programmable digital filters for both uplink and downlink. Filter center frequency and characteristics are fully programmable to meet the demands of various systems and signals. Digital filtering provides amplification of several individual channels of narrow bands frequencies-amplifying only the desired spectrum – while preventing interference to other signals.

Components are protected by a NEMA 4 style enclosure to meet the demands of the NFPA requirements.

Product Selection Guide
Desired Frequencies MUST be provided with order

614 - ______ - ______ - ______ - ______ - ______

Example: 614-70-A-HH-G1A = Digital Signal Booster, 450-470 MHz, 14 Filters, High Power UL/High Power DL, Gray Steel Enclosure

Note: Not all combinations are valid. If assistance is needed consult the factory to define the model that is right for you. 


Product Type Frequency Band
(See Notes)
No. of Filters Channel Power Nema 4 Enclosure
614 = UHF Digital
Signal Booster
70 = 450-470 MHz
A = 14 Channels HH = High Power
UL/ High Power DL

G1A = Gray Steel Enclosure
  70A = 470-488 MHz
B = 28 Channels HL = High Power
UL/ Low Power DL

G2A = Stainless Steel Enclosure
      LH = Low Power
UL/ High Power DL

      LL = Low Power
UL/ Low Power DL



  • Supports 28 filters within a single 3 MHz Bandwidth for either 450-460 MHz or 460-470 MHz
  • Supports 28 filters within a single 1.5 MHz Bandwidth for 470-488 MHz

Please contact factory 440.248.1200 for non-standard configurations with custom frequency, windows or bandwidths.

Warning: This is NOT a CONSUMER device. It is designed for installation by FCC Licensees and Qualified Installers. You must have an FCC license or express consent of an FCC Licensee to operate this device. Unauthorized use may result in significant forfeiture penalties, including penalties in excess of $100,000 for each violation.

614 Series, UHF Digital Signal Booster
614 Series
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