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DAS Remote Units

DDR & DDH Series Wideband Amplifiers

Maximize Infrastructure

Bird remote units are high performing, wideband amplifiers. An industry leader in DAS solutions, the Bird fiber optic system allows controlling a mixture of remote families (DDR and DDH) from a single Master Unit to reduce the head end footprint and maximize usage of the fiber backbone infrastructure. Multiple frequency bands and amplifiers can be contained in a single chassis.

These modular remote units are available in multiple power levels and combinations of frequency bands. The medium-power remote units can house up to four bands, while the high-power units houses up to two.

Operational parameters and configurations are accessible via web interface offering remote control of the units from anywhere.

  • DDH Series, High Power DAS Remotes
  • DDR Series, Medium Power DAS Remotes
DAS Remote Units
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Item No
Item Name
Noise Figure
Hardware Delay
Power Consumption
High Power DAS Remotes
3 dB (typ)
< 0.5 μs
One Band: 210 W (typ)
Two Band: 420 W (typ)
Medium Power DAS Remotes
3 db (typ)
< 0.5 μs
One Band: 90 W
Two Band: 180 W
Three Band: 270 WC
Four Band: 360 W