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Bird manufactures radio frequency measurement and management equipment and systems and provides educational solutions and other services. We serve broadcast, cellular, government, land mobile radio, medical, military, and semiconductor markets. Bird provides the physical infrastructure used by government agencies, public safety forces and the private sector.

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January 2017 - The RF Experts Marks 75th Anniversary as Innovation Continues

January 2017 - Bird Strengthens RF Communication Leadership as it Brings All Products under the Bird Brand

December 2015 - Bird Introduces SiteHawk SK-200-TC Antenna and Cable Analyzer

November 2015 - Bird Introduces Digital Signal Booster

July 2015 - Bird Adds Advanced Spectrum Logging (ASL) Software Option to the Rack-Mount SignalHawk™

June 2015 - Bird Introduces Channel Power Monitor

April 2015 - Bird Launches RF Meter App

February 2015 - X-COM Systems Real-Time RF Signal Recording and Playback System Sets Benchmark for Instantaneous Bandwidth and Dynamic Range

February 2015 - DeltaNode to Demonstrate Total DAS Solution at Mobile World Congress 2015

November 2014 - Bird Technologies Launches 3D Parts Library of RF and Electronic Components

October 2014 - Bird Technologies Introduces the Statistical RF Power Sensor

September 2014 - Bird Technologies Introduces SiteHawk SK-4000-TC Cable and Antenna Analyzer

February 2014 - DeltaNode Ensures Wireless Coverage on the Las Vegas Strip

February 2014 - DeltaNode to Debut Fiber Optic DAS Equipment at Mobile World Congress 2014

September 2013 - Bird Technologies Acquires Distributed Antenna System Manufacturer DeltaNode

February 2013 - Bird Technologies, X-COM Systems Critical Reliability Ad Campaign wins ADDY Award

October 2012 - Bird Technologies Celebrates 70 Years of Helping Others Be Heard Loud and Clear - TX RX Systems

September 2012 - Bird Technologies Celebrates 70 Years of Helping Others Be Heard Loud and Clear

July 2012 - Bird Technologies introduces the Bird VIP System

March 2012 - Bird Technologies introduces the new 7020 Series Power Sensor!