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82-01-16, 25 Watt, Precision RF Load

82-01-16, 25 Watt, Precision RF Load
Bird Technologies Group, TX RX Systems brand, natural convection, Air-Cooled Dry RF Loads are designed as precision, heavy-duty 50-ohm terminations for isolators and specialized hybrid combining applications operating up to 1000 MHz. These loads have power density factors (ratio of rated power to heatsink surface area) that are among the lowest in the industry which means lower heatsink surface temperatures for a particular power dissipation. They also have excellent return loss characteristics over their entire operating range, making them ideal for use in test as well as operational applications.

  • Precision 50-ohm loads for all termination applications
  • High heatsink surface area for lower heatsink surface temperatures
  • 30 dB return loss up to 1000 MHz
82-01-16, 25 Watt, Precision RF Load
product specifications:
Item No
Item Name
25 Watt, Precision RF Load
Frequency Range
5-960 MHz
Load Type
Dry (Convection-Cooled)
Temperature Range
-30 to +60 °C (-22 to 140 °F)
Duty Cycle
Impedance Ω
Max RF Input Power
25 W
Resistor Element Rating
60 W
Heatsinl Area
57" (368 cm)
Heatsink Power Density
Connector Type
N (M)
Min Return Loss - VSWR
> 30 (1.05 : 1) Typ.
Dimensions H x W x D
4.7" (H) x 2.3"
(119 x 59 mm)
0.63 lbs. (0.31 kg)