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435 Series
435 Series, Mini Tower Top Amplifier System
435 Series

435 Series, Mini Tower Top Amplifier System (TTA) is designed to enhance the operation of the base station. The TTA increases receive sensitivity, reduces transmit signal interference and can make all the difference in Mission Critical Communications.

The TTA system consists of two components: the Tower-Top Amplifier mounted close to the antenna and a Receiver Multicoupler base unit. To reduce the size of the TTA and simultaneously provide 120 dB of isolation of a TX carrier, filtering has been split between the TTA and Receive Multicoupler base unit.

The tower mounted unit is housed in a compact light weight, weather resistant enclosure. The internal electronic components are protected from lightning by surge arresters on all RF ports. The system is designed for quick and simple installation.

Industry leading TTA amplifier linearity guarantees superior immunity to intermodulation interference.

  • Quadrature-coupled low noise amplifier (LNA) improves RX sensitivity.
  • PolyPhaser™ impulse suppressors provide protection from lightning damage.
  • High performance filtering in tower top and base control unit.
  • Wind loading is reduced due to small enclosure size.
  • Quick installation.
  • Compact, light weight, weather-resistant enclosure.
  • One rack-unit high 8-Port Receiver Multicoupler (MCU).

The TTA is designed to increase the performance of a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) while ensuring reliable communications for critical Public Safety applications. This increase in sensitivity can make up for the imbalance between mobile and handheld users in critical systems.

Model Number Description Power Required
435-83H-01-T TTA, Mini Quadrature Single Amp, 792-824 MHz, Single Network, Tower Box -
435-83H-01-M-110 Multicoupler Unit (MCU), 8-Port, 792-824 MHz AC
435-83H-01-M-48 Multicoupler Unit (MCU), 8-Port, 792-824 MHz -48
435-94D-01-T TTA, Mini Quadrature Single Amp, 896-902 MHz, Single Network, Tower Box -
435-94D-01-M-110 Multicoupler Unit (MCU), 8-Port, >896-902 MHz AC
435-94D-01-M-48 Multicoupler Unit (MCU), 8-Port, >896-902 MHz -48

Tower Top Amplifier will function up to 70°C without shutting down however, the specifications are not guaranteed outside the rated temperature range.

Mini Tower Top Amplifier Filtering | 434-435 Series TTA Systems

A steep skirted TEM bandpass filter in the tower box augmented by a ceramic filter in the base unit provide a selective 32 MHz system window.

  • TTA = Tower Top Amplifier
  • MCU = Multi-Coupler Unit

#Note: See the datasheet for Optional Products

435 Series, Mini Tower Top Amplifier System
435 Series
product specifications:
Item No
435 Series
Item Name
Mini Tower Top Amplifier System
Frequency Band
700/800 MHz, 900 MHz
Reserve Gain
Configurable by Electronic Attenuator
120 dB nominal at 776 and 851 MHz
Total Power Dissipation
17 W
System Noise Figure
3.2 db (typ.)
TTA---Frequency Bands
700/800 MHz: 792-824 MHz
900 MHz: 896-902 MHz
TTA---Type of Amplifier
Quadrature Coupled
TTA Gain---Input to output of TTA
+23 dB (typ.)
TTA---Noise Figure
2.9 dB (typ.)
> 42 dBm (typ.)
TTA---Return Loss of all RF Ports
> 14 dB
TTA---Power Requirements
Power derived from Rx Cable
TTA----Operating Temperture Range
-30° C to 60° C
TTA---Lightning Protection
Impulse suppressor on all external ports
TTA---Test Port Included
TTA---Coupling Test Port--Test In-Amp In
30 dB
TTA---50 Ohm Termination Test
Controlled by base unit
TTA---Bypass Test Mode
Controlled by base unit
Weather resistant housing designed to NEMA Standards
TTA---Dimensions H x W x D
8.65” x 5.77” x 6.04”
TTA---Net Weight
10 lbs.
MCU---Frequency Bands
792-824 MHz, 896-902 MHz
MCU---Net Gain or Loss--RMC In to RX Out
+1 dB minimum
MCU---Number of Outputs Ports
8 expandable to 16
MCU---TTA Connector
MCU---Receiver Connector
MCU---RX-RX Port Isolation
>20 dB (min.)
MCU---Test Port Input
BNC - Female (Front of RMC)
MCU---Test Port Output
N - Female (Rear of RMC)
MCU---Reserve Gain Electronic Attenuator
0-15 dB in 1 dB steps
MCU---Alarm Contacts
Form-C Contacts
MCU---Power Requirements
90-240 Vac @ 50/60 Hz or -48 VDC
MCU---Operating Temperature
0° C to +50° C
Standard EIA 19” Rack Mount
MCU---Dimensions H x W x D
1 RU x 19” x 14”
11.5 lbs