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429-83H-01-RD, 792-824 MHz, Rapid Deployment Tower Top Amplifier System

429-83H-01-RD, 792-824 MHz, Rapid Deployment Tower Top Amplifier System
Designed to enhance the operation of the temporary base station, the Rapid Deployment TTA will increase the receive sensitivity, often in excess of 10 dB, and can make up for the imbalance between mobile and handheld users. Often in emergency situations, any increase in “talk back” range can make the difference in mission critical communications.

The TTA system consists of two components: the Tower-Top Amplifier mounted close to the antenna and a Receiver Multicoupler base unit. The lightweight and rugged TTA is designed to reduce wind loading on mobile communications tower systems. In addition, the rapidly deployable package ensures quick and reliable communications in emergency situations. To reduce the size of the TTA and simultaneously provide 120 dB of isolation of a TX carrier, filtering has been split between the TTA and Receive Multicoupler base unit.

Ideal For: Temporary Basestations, Transportable Command Centers and Rapid Deployment Stations

  • Quadrature-coupled low noise amplifier (LNA) improves RX sensititvity
  • PolyPhaserTM impulse suppressors provide protection from lightning damage
  • High performance filtering in tower top and base deck
  • RF bypass if DC power is interrupted
  • Reduced wind loading with round TTA enclosure
  • Quick installation
  • Compact, light weight, weather-resistant enclosure
  • One rack-unit high Receiver Multicoupler (MCU)
429-83H-01-RD, Tower Top Amplifier Filter Response

System Specifications

  • Bandwidth: 792-824 MHz
  • System Noise: Figure 2.9 dB Typ, 3.5 dB Max
  • 3rd Order IIP: > 15dBm
  • Rejection: 110 dB min, 120 dB nominal at 776 and 851 MHz
  • Net Weight: 20.6 lbs.
Model Numbers Description Power Req.
429-83H-01-RD TTA, Includes RX MultiCoupler 792-824 MHz, 8 Channel Rapid Deployment AC
429-83H-01-RD-16 TTA, Includes RX MultiCoupler 792-824 MHz, 16 Channel Rapid Deployment AC

Spec. Legend
[TTA] = Tower Top Amplifier
[MCU] = Multicoupler Unit

Optional Filters
  • Rack-mounted narrow band filters to further limit the multicoupler bandwidth. Optional filters are available to provide a narrower window ahead of the receiver multicoupler in order to achieve better selectivity for the system. (See "Compatible Devices" under the specifications table for filter selection)
  • Please specify sub-band frequency when ordering
429-83H-01-RD, 792-824 MHz, Rapid Deployment Tower Top Amplifier System
compatible devices:
792-806 MHz, Preselector
792-806 MHz, Preselector
792-806 MHz, Preselector
792-806 MHz, Preselector
806-824 MHz, Preselector
806-824 MHz, Preselector
806-824 MHz, Preselector
806-824 MHz, Preselector