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Radio Infrastructure Products

Bird has a diverse portfolio of Radio Infrastructure support products that will help you manage RF signals at complex base station sites. Our time-proven combiner and multicoupler systems, specialized filter networks, base station antennas and tower top amplifiers provide solutions for modern land mobile radio installations.  These elements can be used to create complete RF signal management solutions configured for each specific location that are part of multi-site radio systems.  

Bird offers a wide variety Tower Top amplifier products that can increase your receive sensitivity and make up for imbalance between mobile and hand-held users in private radio networks and mission critical applications.  For challenging RF situations in harsh environments, we are known for providing superior filter products including, duplexers, triplexers and custom engineered filter solutions.  We also offer reliable RF antennas for high-power broadband omni-directional applications.  You can feel confident to contact us with your specific requirements so that we can help you solve your RF system problems with our standard products or provide you with a design to order solution.

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TTAs - RX Multicouplers

Ensuring reliable communications for critical Public Safety applications.

TX Combining Systems
Bird's combining systems consist of a very broad offering in the VHF, UHF 700/800 and 900 MHz frequency bands.
Filter Products
Bird designs and builds superior and reliable RF filters whether for harsh conditions or the most challenging situations.

Covering the frequency range of 380-941 MHz

RF Components
We provide rugged, reliable and quality solutions for low and high power attenuation, termination, coupler, and power-divider applications.
Power Monitors
Reliable monitoring equipment for broadcast, wireless, public safety and industrial applications.