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FOI Series, Fiber Optic Interfaces convert RF signals into modulated laser light. Bird's DOI302 and DOI401 single mode fiber optic interfaces are ultra-wide band and capable of handling multiple bands and operators.

Product Features
  • Up to 4 remote units on a single WDM fiber
  • Supervision of signal levels and alarms
  • A large selection of wavelengths possible
  • Ethernet over fiber to remote unit
  • Up to 25 km fiber possible
  • Test ports for uplink and downlink signal monitoring
  • RoHS compliant

General Specifications

Model DOI302 DOI401
Modulation WDM WDM
Width 1 slot 2 slots
Remotes Supported 4 4
Optical Link Budget 15 dBo 7 dBo
Fiber Single Mode Single Mode
Frequency Range 88-2600MHz 88-2600MHz
Temperature Range 0 to 45 °C 0 to 45 °C
Power <15W <15W
product specifications:
Item No
Item Name
Fiber Optic Interface