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FOI Fiber Optic Interface

The Fiber Optic Interface (FOI) converts the RF signals into modulated laser light. The module can be equipped with or without WDM technology as options. The unit is ultra-wide band and handles multiple bands or operators as required.

  • Up to 4 remote units on a single WDM fiber
  • Supervision of signal levels and alarms
  • A large selection of wavelengths possible
  • Ethernet over fiber to remote unit
  • Up to 25 km fiber possible
  • With or without WDM
  • Test ports for uplink and downlink signal monitoring
  • RoHS compliant
RF Specifications
  • Maximum fiber loss from MU to RU: Optical — 15 dBo
  • Maximum no of remotes supported: 4 Remote Units*
  • Input RF power recommended:  -50 to -35 dBm**

* Each remote unit will have different wavelengths in the uplink.
** Attenuators in the unit can be used to provide for a wider range of input signals.

General Specifications
  • Power consumption:  < 15 W
  • Width:  1 U
  • Height:  3 U
  • Temperature range: 0 to 45 °C

Variant Specifications
  • DOI 301:  1310 nm Rx / Tx separate
  • DOI 302:  1550 nm WDM (Rx / Tx combined)
  • DOI 380x:  Separate Rx / Tx and selectable wavelength*

* Table of wavelengths available upon request.

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FOI Fiber Optic Interface
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