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RF Components

Bird Technologies designs and builds superior and reliable RF components whether for harsh conditions or the most challenging situations. Reliability is both a promise and our reality.

Bird makes the world's most reliable RF components because we have to. No matter the product or its application or its customer, each is made with our single-minded devotion to reliability.

RF Components

Our Components product line consists of standard RF components and unique designs for custom microwave applications. We provide rugged, reliable and quality solutions for low and high power attenuation, termination, coupler, and power-divider applications. In addition to our extensive line of standard products, Bird has a reputation for designing custom solutions for custom applications. Bird has done hundreds of special versions of RF components to meet the unique needs of our customers. Common requests for customization include: Special Connectors, Non-Standard Attenuation Values, Mismatch Loads, Exceptional Peak or Average Power Handling Capability, Extremely Low VSWR Requirements, Custom Test Requirements and many others!

When you need a quick answer on a specific design and you need to have them in your hands as quickly as possible, contact Bird Technologies. We make custom solutions for your unique requirements.

Combiners & Dividers

Bird's power Dividers/Signal Combiners are world renowned for their high-quailty, robust construction and conservative power ratings.


Bird Technologies offers both TX RX Systems and Bird Electronic brand Couplers. TX RX brand, Hybrid Directional Couplers for power division and signal distribution applications.

Isolators and Circulators

Isolators and Circulators are designed to provide the specified isolation under continuous duty at maximum power.

Low PIM Components

Bird’s line of low PIM components can be used to help distribute signals efficiently throughout venues without creating intermodulation products. Despite their small form factor they can handle high RF power levels while minimizing interference.

Intermodulation Suppression Panels

Typically used to add an isolator to a transmitter or repeater connected to its own antenna.

Second Harmonic Filters

Bird Technologies manufactures single and dual-section filters for applications where bandpass cavities are not used.

Power Dividers

Power dividers are grouped into Hybrid/Wilkensen and Stripline/coaxial designs.

RF Coaxial Selector Switches

Bird's Coaxwitch® Coaxial Selector Switches employ a unique, rugged and reliable design which permits positive contact, low insertion VSWR and negligible cross talk between channels.

RF Signal Samplers

Signal Samplers are non-directional taps for sampling RF signals from a main transmission line, with minimal effect to the power level of the signals on the main line.

Variable RF Signal Samplers

The 4273 and 4275 Signal Samplers are “Stand-alone, ”wide-range THRULINE® RF coupling probes for spectrum analysis, RF signal observation on a scope, or frequency counting and control.