4-Way FOI
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4-Way FOI

The Fiber Optic Interface (FOI) converts the RF signals into modulated laser light. The module is equipped with WDM technology allowing uplink and downlink to reside on the same single-mode fiber. The four independent receivers on the board allows each link to be adjusted independently. With this 4-way optical unit there is no need to have different wavelengths in the uplink of the up to 4 remote units that can be connected to it.


— 4 separate fiber connections to remote units of any type 
— No need to have different wavelengths in the uplink with this unit 
— Ethernet over fiber to remote unit 
— Automatic Optical Link Adjustment possible 
— Includes WDM 
— Test ports for uplink and downlink signal monitoring 
— RoHS compliant 
— Individual gain settings for each port in the uplink  
— Optical loss up to 7 dBo supported, up to 17 km single mode fiber capability

RF Specifications

Frequency range: 88-2700 MHz 
Gain flatness over range: ± 3 dB
Gain flatness each operating band: ±1.5 mW 
Gain flatness each operating band: -50 to -35 dBm 
RF Gain Uplink: 40 dB 
RF Gain Downlink: 35 dB

General Specifications

Maximum no. of remotes supported:  4 

Power consumption:  < 20 W
Width: 2 U
Height:  3 U 
Temperature range: 0 to 45 °C
Number of optical ports: 4
Number of RF ports Downlink: 2
Number of RF ports Uplink: 2
Testports: UL/DLRF 
Connector type: QMA
Optical connector type: SC/APC
Board communication: Via backplane Ethernet

Optical Specifications

Maximum fiber loss from MU to RU:  Optical 7 dBo 

Supported fiber distance: Unbroken fiber 17 km 
Flatness: ± 3 dB
Optical output power: -2 dBm
Laser wavelengths supported: Standard DL 1550 nm*
Laser wavelengths supported: Standard DL 1310 nm*
Optical return loss: Min 40 dB
Optical isolation: Min 30 dB
Maximum input optical power: Non-destructive 10 dBm
Number of fibers needed to each RU: WDM 1
Supported fiber type: Single mode

*) Table of wavelengths available upon request, 20 nm spacing.

**) Receiver accept 1270-1550 nm to support equipment with other laser configurations

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product specifications:

Item No4-Way FOI
Item Name4-Way Fiber Optic Interface

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