Bird Technologies - The RF Experts

Termination Load Accessories

Bird manufactures a variety of Termination Load Accessories for your Bird Products.

Blower Assemblies

Bird Technologies, Blower Assemblies supply forced air cooling to Bird Loads, including the Termaline® 8890 Series terminations and Tenuline® 8329 Series attenuators.

Liquid Coolants

Liquid Coolants for Thermaline® Oil Cooled Terminations.

RF Coupling Kits

RF Coupling Kits for mounting Rigid Line Sections and Termaline® Econoloads

Load Dolly Assemblies

Bird's 677 Series, Dolly Assemblies provide easily transport for the 10, 25 and 50 KW Moduload® Series It consists of a heavy-duty stainless steel base mounted on four casters.

Replacement Load Resistors

Replacement Load Resistors

Thermoswitch Temperature Controllers

Thermoswitch Temperature Controllers are tubular devices featuring an outer shell made of high-expanding metal and internal struts made of low-expanding metal, with a pair of electrical contacts between them.

Water-Flow Switches

Water-Flow Switches - These units are intended to be used with the Econoload Series Water-Cooled Terminations.